I am interested in the question, “How do we explore the role of the unconscious in making images?” I am influenced by the work of Duane Michaels, Gijon Mili, and Man Ray and their use of double exposure and layered imagery. While those artists used people in their images, I prefer the structure of architecture and backdrop of nature. I like to include the restraint of time in my images. I use images that are taken on the same day, to capture a snapshot of my experience not just a moment in time. I start by merging groups of images I have taken on the computer. It is difficult to predict or visualize the outcome, so I am have to rely on my intuition and my photographic experience. I crop, twist, adjust, paint, erase, move/remove, until something new and complete appears.


Richard Skoonberg was born in Oakland, California, in 1951. Richard Skoonberg has been an instructional designer, video producer-director, a commercial photographer, writer, and actor. He has studied art photography under Chip Simone and Vilem Kriz and commercial photography with Don Giannatti. He has a BA in Dramatic Art from University of California, Berkeley, and MS in Instructional Systems from Florida State University. Currently, Mr. Skoonberg resides in Marietta, Georgia.